St Simeon’s Monastery, Egypt,

Central London based photographer. I enjoy all types of photography, no particular style. I am an all-rounder. I started taking photo’s when I was 8, when my auntie gave me my 1st camera. Before the digital changeover in 2004 I shot roll film on a Chinon auto with a zoom. I studied and learnt basic photography at University but did not have an SLR at that time.
The digital changeover in 2005 was big for me. Being able to see your photos as you took them without restriction as to how many got me back into it and I relearnt all the manual settings 10 years ago. Working in property I was given a Canon 350 dslr which, I used to provide photography services to the property industry, working for estate agents, block managers and inventory companies.
I tend to do themes for a few years. I did landscape/transport with property for around 5 years. I then did night and schools and have recently enjoyed club/event photography on a voluntary basis for clubs/charities and businesses. I consider myself a competitions photographer Generally if there is a need for a photograph I enjoy supplying it.
My many passions include¬† cycling/driving/travel, UK/overseas, music and taking the photo’s
My life motto is. Always have something to look forward to.


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8 years experience of interior and exterior photography for estate agents, block managers and inventory companiesPLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing